Best B2B Case Study: Bella Lume and Custom Designed Labels

While Bella Lume and experience may not be revolutionary, and the idea of building relationships is not new, I was thrilled to read this post and know that some companies out there are getting it. offers a variety of standard sizes for labels, but sometimes the size that is needed for a product is not a standard size. Bella Lume and Custom Labels Bella Lume and Last year, received a phone call from Brenda M. that started a great working relationship.

Bella Lume is a company that makes high quality candles and scented oils that are inspired by aromas from around the world. Brenda was looking for new labeling that would make her products look as exquisite as they smell. Bella Lume candles and reed diffusers were selected to appear in the Intentional Emmy celebrity gift bags in 2010.

Bella Lume continues to be a valued customer, and we wish them the best of luck for continued success.