About #Poodle #Hack of #SSLv3 and How to Secure Online Business

Security Vulnerability Named POODLE was discovered recently.

What is poodle stand for sslv3 hack?
Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption.

Poodle, which stands for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption (PDF), is a problem because it’s used by both websites and Web browsers. Both must be reconfigured to prevent using SSL 3.0, and Poodle will remain a problem as long as SSL 3.0 is supported.
Google exposes ‘Poodle’ flaw in Web encryption standard …

POODLE Vulnerability: Frequently Asked Questions.
What is the SSLv3 POODLE Vulnerability?
On October 15 Google published details of vulnerability in the design of SSL version 3.0. This vulnerability
allows the plaintext of secure connections to be calculated by a network attacker. The new vulnerability,
named ‘POODLE’, compromises encryption, by forcing a browser or client to use the less secure SSLv3
encryption protocols instead of TLS protocols (eg TLSv1.2). It then carries out a BEAST (Browser Exploit
Against SSL/TLS) attack to obtain information from the encrypted stream.
Is This Really Such a Big Issue?
Yes. Although SSL 3.0 is nearly fifteen years old, support for it remains widespread. Most importantly, nearly all
browsers support it and, in order to work around bugs in HTTPS servers, browsers will retry failed connections
with older protocol versions, including SSL 3.0. Because a network attacker can cause connection failures,
they can trigger the use of SSL 3.0 and then exploit this issue.

Who does Poodle Affect?
Any merchant using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to access secure online payment gateways system pages or any merchant whose site or solution uses SSLv3 to post transactions to Authorize.Net.

What should I tell my customers if they ask about POODLE?

You can instruct any concerned customers to visit https://zmap.io/sslv3/ to confirm if their browser supports SSLv3. It includes instructions on how to disable SSLv3 for all modern browsers.

What to do if i Use Internet Explorer 6?

If you are using a version of Internet Explorer older than 7.0, please visit http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/internet-explorer.aspx to upgrade.

Firefox, Safari and Chrome users should not be affected.

Important announcement about POODLE and payment security.

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