SUPER BOWL 51 – New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

Super Bowl 51 – Sunday, February 5, 6:30 PM, NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas
New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

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Patriots vs. Falcons – Super Bowl LI After Game Highlights

The New England Patriots rallied from down 28 points and put together one of the best comebacks ever in a Super Bowl, knocking off the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in Super Bowl LI.

One Reason Why Your Favorite Team Won't Win

The Vince Lombardi Trophy is seen before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s news conference during preparations for the NFL Super Bowl 51 football game Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Stats before the #SuperBowl 51
1. The Patriots have won four Super Bowls, all of them with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick at the helm.
2. This is only Atlanta’s second trip to the Super Bowl, and they’ve never won.
3. The Patriots have been to the Super Bowl nine times, which is an NFL record.
4. They have won four times, which is not a record.
5. That belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have won six.
6. Tom Brady has been to seven Super Bowls, the most trips by any single player. He has been in the NFL for 17 years, and may actually be immortal.

  1. The Patriots were penalized this year as a result of “Deflategate,” the controversy stemming from the 2015 season that ended with the Patriots winning Super Bowl IL. Please don’t make us explain it again, but the upshot was Tom Brady was suspended the first four games of this season.

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8. Shockingly, people are pretty tired of seeing the Patriots win. According to one poll, more than half the country is rooting for a Falcons victory.

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9. In fact, a lot of fans have been comparing this Super Bowl to the plot of “Star Wars,” with the Falcons being the upstart “rebels” and the Patriots being the reigning “empire.” This is not a favorable comparison for the Patriots, but when you have four rings already, you have to deal with a little flak sometimes.

  1. It looks like fans are hoping for a close, high-scoring game. On the Wednesday before the Super Bowl, the Patriots were favored to win by 3 points. The over/under for total score was 58.5.

  2. At least one star will be notably absent from the field. Rob Gronkowski, who you may know as that tank top guy in the Dunkin Donuts commercials, is injured and will not be playing for New England; though he will be there in spirit and also in a Tide ad.

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12. Gronkowski has the most Twitter followers (nearly 2 million) of any player on a Super Bowl team this year.
Other people to know

  1. Some famous Patriots fans are: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Captain America Chris Evans, most if not all of New Kids on the Block, and President Donald Trump.

  2. Some famous Falcons fans are: Samuel L. Jackson, President Jimmy Carter and country star Zac Brown.

  3. Falcons owner Arthur Blank is one of the founders of Home Depot.

  4. Patriots owner Robert Kraft is the CEO of the Kraft Group. He has owned several other Boston-area sports teams, including the Boston Lobsters, a defunct professional tennis team with the most perfect logo ever.
    About the music

  5. Lady Gaga is the Super Bowl halftime act. Time to go. It’s showtime. And it’s the one you’ve always been dreaming of. #Gaga #GagaSuperBowl

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  1. You will recall, she sang the national anthem for Super Bowl L last year.

  2. Country star Luke Bryan will perform the anthem this year.

  3. He is from Leesburg, Georgia (also the hometown of baseball star and fellow perfect-teeth-haver Buster Posey). Naturally, Bryan is a Falcons fan. Here he is:
    Wave for America!
    Wave for America!

  4. Members of the original “Hamilton” cast will sing “America the Beautiful.”
    About the commercials

  5. This year, a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl will reportedly cost between $5 million and $5.5 million.

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  1. The median annual household income in the United States is about $55,000, which amounts to about .3 seconds of Super Bowl air time.

  2. The surprise is sort of ruined these days, because so many of the commercials are released ahead of time.

  3. So far, people are talking about Budweiser’s immigration-themed spot…
    and a deeply unholy Mr. Clean ad.
    We are all sinners now. SPEAKING OF, let’s talk about…
    Houston, a den of sin

  4. Houston is the fourth-most populous city in the United States. A fun way to get people to shun you while the game is on is to ask them to name the other most populous cities (1: New York 2: Los Angeles 3: Chicago).

  5. They have a beer can house. Shameful.

  6. And Houston is where the infamous hip hop “beverage” “Purple drank” (aka “lean,” “sizzurp,” “a horrible idea”) originated, which is a mix of cough syrup, soda and Jolly Ranchers.

  7. Last time the Super Bowl was in Houston,

  8. NIPPLEGATE ask Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson why.

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31. NIPPLEGATE ask Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson why.

  1. Also, last time the Super Bowl was in Houston, the Patriots won…
    Superstitions and weird coincidences

  2. The Patriots will wear white jerseys and the Falcons will wear red.

super bowl 51 in Huston34. The Falcons actually CHOSE this arrangement, even though white-shirted teams have won 32 of 50 Super Bowls to date, including 11 of the last 12 Super Bowls.

  1. Five teams other than the Falcons have worn red jerseys, and the overall red jersey record for the Super Bowl is 5-4. The 49ers are especially lucky in the color, having won three of their five championships while wearing it.

  2. We’ve gone over the fact the Patriots won last time the game was in Houston, but there are even more similarities between that game in 2003 and this one. For instance:

  3. The Patriots have the same record (16-2).

  4. They last won a Super Bowl two years ago.

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  1. They are playing an NFC South team (in 2003, it was the Panthers).

  2. Unrelated, Falcons QB Matt Ryan went to Boston College, in the heart of Patriots territory
    Theme songs and bling

  3. The NFL theme song (baba ba, baba ba, baba ba ba baaaa!) was composed by a guy named Scott Schreer. It was designed to sound like “Batman on Steroids.” Apt, because listening to the whole thing at once feels like injecting testosterone directly into your ear holes.

  4. The Super Bowl theme is different, if not a bit more elegant, and was composed by David Robidoux.

  5. Each Super Bowl ring awarded to the Patriots after their 2014 win was worth $36,500 (owner Robert Kraft footed the bill — more than $5 million for 150 rings).
    That’s like wearing a brand-new Toyota Camry on your finger.

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44. The Vince Lombardi Trophy, given to the winning team, is produced by famed jeweler Tiffany & Co.

  1. There has never been a Super Bowl that has gone into overtime. Please football gods, spare us once more.
    Family matters

  2. Maybe you’ve heard of the Matthews family? Theyre a big deal in football. Jake Matthews currently plays left tackle for the Falcons. His cousin is Clay Matthews, of Green Bay Packers fame. According to ESPN, the Matthews family has been represented in — wait for it — EVERY NFL SEASON SINCE 1978.

  3. Oh, and for what it’s worth, Jake Matthews is from Houston.

  4. This year, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will be coaching the Super Bowl with his two sons in tow. Steve Belichick is the team’s safeties coach, and Steven Belichick is a scouting assistant.
    Old dudes

  5. At 41, Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant will be the third-oldest player to appear in a Super Bowl (the oldest was 42 and also a kicker).

  6. Tom Brady also is long in the tooth at 39, but if he wins, he would still be a few months younger than than the oldest Super Bowl-winning QB who is…

  7. Peyton Manning, who nabbed that honor when the Denver Broncos won Super Bowl L last year. He was 39.
    That makes it sound like he died. He didn’t, he just retired.

Did you believed that Patriots could WIN Super Bowl 51? I did 😉

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