Interactive NY Canal Map Presented in PBS Innovation Showcase

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Visit NYS Canal System Interactive Area Map developer’s site for – NYS CANAL SYSTEM GOOGLE MAP

WCNY’s NYS Canal System Google Map connects educators, our local community, and the world at large to the “New York State’s Contemporary Canal System” educational resources. These resources include video, an educator’s guide, and the Canal map. The video highlights important locations along the Erie, Oswego, Champlain, and Cayuga-Seneca canals and is indexed into short clips for each location. The educator’s guide provides an instructional unit on the canal system, both past and present. Interactive map connects visitors to each location by providing to and from driving directions, a quick link to video associated with that location, and the physical address.

New York State Contemporary Canal System Educational Guide

NYS Canal System Google Map was developed by Nikolay Gul as supplement to WCNY’s “New York State Contemporary Canal System Educational Guide”.

Functions: Navigate Erie Canal, Oswego canal, Champlain canal, and Cayuga-Seneca canal. Find and Print direction from and to canals location.
Used: Google Map API, JavaScript, XML, custom made images, and video from educators guide.
Features of Custom Google Map for Canal System Interactive Map
map overlay with poly-lines;
ground overlay;
embedded flash video;
embeddedpdf document;
step by step directions;
custom info box with multiple tabs;
Google map custom markers;
Google extra navigation pop-up with zoom in and zoom out;
Google custom map control and much more…

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