Victory Day – May 9 1945

Tomorrow, May 9, is a Big Holiday – Victory Day.

“никто не забыт, ничто не забыто”

To understand what war mean to us just one fact:
”Casualties of the Soviet Union from all related causes were over 20,000,000, both civilians and military, although the statistics vary to a great extent largely”.

Victory Parade june 24 1945 on Red SquareFor our family, Victory Day always has been the day of remembrance and respect to all veterans and fallen heroes. We remember all civilians who worked in extreme hostile environments of war time to help their country to win this terrible war. We remember those who did not survive this terrible time.

My and my wife’s grandfathers were at World War II fighting Nazi and their allies and were killed. They died as heroes protecting their country and people.

Looking back from this time I proudly can say that they saved many innocent people in different countries from Nazi’s genocide.

Those starting the war had their own agenda, but those who protected their country and people had no choice but fight back till the victory.

As children we were taught that any war is bad and no reason can justify because wars destroy human lives and countries.

Please remember and respect the price our countries paid to liberate European countries and countries in Far East during World War II.

Military Cemetery in Zary, Poland

Military Cemetery in Zary, Poland

My wife’s grandfather from father’s side was killed in fight near Odessa in 1941, protecting Odessa city. Place of burial unknown.

Grandfather from mothers’ side was killed in fight near Leningrad (St. Petersburg now) in 1943, protecting Leningrad. Place of burial unknown.

My grandmother’s brother fought Nazis for 4 years and was killed in a battle on April 5, 1945, only one month before the Victory day.

He is buried at the War Cemetery in Cmentarz Wojskowy w Żarach – Military Cemetery – Zary, Poland


“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
― Edmund Burke


Victory day-Odessa Liberation Day

Victory day-Odessa Liberation Day

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